Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Okay, I've a bad cold. Not the swine flu, because there's only a low grade fever. No, just a good old fashioned cold. My world at this moment evolves around somehow disposing of all that drainage, finding new and innovative ways to be able to breathe, and loading up on vitamin C in a host of ways. Yeah, chicken noodle soup too.

I'm horrible to be around when I'm sick. I got it from Robin, but right now you would think I'm the only person in the world who ever got this ailment, in my mind now a ravaging disease that singled me out from all others for special misery. Ever so often, I release a pre-meditated groan just for effect.

Of course life goes on, and there are dishes to be washed, meals to be prepared, taking the dog outside for her constitutional. But between my ears there exists an echo, a sort of mindless numbing that is satisfied with simply enduring. As I write, another violent sneeze, and soon to follow gut wrenching deep lunged coughing that cannot be controlled nor should it. I realize the product is what prevents something worse like pneumonia, something to which I am very much susceptible.

So I continue writing this missive, finding some strange delight in wallowing in my own misery while sharing it with the world. With time it will pass, and I shall renew my energetic love of life attitude, flitting about the house singing and driving Robin crazy. But today? Today is a day for exercising my own pathetic self pity, being miserable, and enjoying every minute of it. It could be much worse of course. Many are plagued with trials I could not even imagine. But not today. It's all about me. I'm going to bed now in order to wallow better. For those experiencing far worse, my apologies for my self indulgence. For the rest? "Ohhhhhh I feel horrible. " You don't need to feel pity for me. But it would be nice if you appreciate the considerable effort going into my own self absorbed state of mind. Oh and for the fact that I made the effort to do a blog entry today even though I am so painfully ill. Such dedication from such a pathetic creature.

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