Monday, February 15, 2010

My Not So Good Day at the Doctor's

So last week I have an exam. No big deal. One exam each year, and so far so good. She is a new doctor, my former doctor being transferred to a new office. Actually Physician's Assistant. Generally I prefer P.A.'s because they spend more time and don't make assumptions. I really liked her which was a plus.

Then the discussion turned south. When was your last mammogram? It's been a while. Too poor to get them. Well time now. There is something in there that needs to be checked out. Ohhh boy. But then, often such lumps are benign. Think positive Jessica.

Lots of fluid buildup in the legs. Edema. Not good. Got to focus on the diet a bit more. Any chest pains? Sometimes some tightness. Occasional pain. Worse more recently. The other night shoveling snow, I almost passed out, and had to have Robin help me up the stairs. Better get an ekg. Also chest xrays to see if there is fluid or swelling in the chest cavity. The x rays come out okay. But the ekg? Take a deep breath. Every time I take a deep breath it registers on the ekg suggesting something is not right. We need you to get a stress test and see a cardiologist. Any history of heart trouble in your family? Yep. My dad died of a heart attack in '67. Get these tests done right away, okay?

That night, I had to shovel snow again. Got dizzy and disoriented all over again. I'm not always the sharpest knife on the tray, but I get this one. Stop shoveling snow, for now at least. My landlord says he will take care of it. Bless you! A true treasure is a good landlord who understands.

The doctor of course was not finished. We talked about my sleep medication. I've a truly severe sleep disorder and take some pretty high powered meds to deal with it. One is mirapex. It dries your mouth, she says, and as a result you have a fungal infection in your throat. Got something for that.

Then there is that silly colonoscopy. That one's going to wait a bit. I've had a bad feeling about it, a strong inner nudge to not go there right now. I listen to my inner. I still like my P.A. I'm not so happy about what she found.

Next week on Wednesday I go in for mammogram, sonogram, possible biopsy, and stress test. Hopefully we get to the bottom of it all right now and it all works out well. I'm worried about the heart thing most. I continued having chest pains right up to yesterday evening. But for now, I'm going into my mode for one minute at a time. Worry does little good, and though impossible to shut it all out, it is better to keep some control on it for now.

Oh! You know those annual calls for diet and exercise? They got my attention this time!


  1. Jessica Wicks,
    Some of your symptoms are familiar to me, and I know tracking down causes is a real detective story. To eliminate the remote possibility of myxoma --tumor INSIDE the heart, like I had-- it may be prudent to ask your cardiologist for a sonogram as well as a stress test. Best of luck, and compliments on your blog.


  2. Geo, a bit late to get back to you. They did a sonogram and found a big old bulge in my aorta right where it comes out of the heart. We are watching it close, and if it grows any more, the aneurism will have to be removed. Thanks for the pointer regarding the sonogram. That is what they did, and they really believe without it they would not have detected it.