Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Guest Blogger: Lucy the Wonder Dog on Moms

I would like to introduce our guest blogger and one of my all time favorites. Lucy the Wonder Dog became part of our family back in 2002. She won our hearts from the get go. She saw me blogging about my mom, so she asked if she could do her own. So welcome the cutest dog you'll ever meet...

Hi y'all! I'm Lucy. I'm typing this and keeping my eyes on those two rascally cats at the same time. This girl's job is never done, I'll tell you what. But that is not what I came to talk about.

I had a doggie mom, but I don't remember her all that well. There were so many of us kids and she seemed distracted. I wasn't the smallest, but certainly not the biggest either. Those early days weren't that great. They took me to the vet, and bobbed my tail. Ever had your tail bobbed? Trust me, don't if you can help it.

So we were all yapping and wrestling, when two human moms walked into the kennel. They both looked so friendly, but one in particular. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was just so kind, and by the look in her eyes, she must have felt the same way about me. It was of course my mommy Robin. She just walked past the other puppies, and made a beeline right towards me.

Okay, I confess. My little nub that was once a tail twitched as fast as it ever had. I tried to run to her, but sort of stumbled. Hey I was a baby, okay? She reached over and held me close to her chest and just wouldn't let go. I wasn't complaining, no siree! My goodness nothing had EVER been that sweet in my whole six weeks of life. I didn't want it to stop. Neither did she. The other mommy, Jessica, petted and loved on me too and I thought, wow, two mommies who love me this much! Mommy Jessica walked over to the owner of the farm and they talked about something, and then we were on our way.

Okay, I'm a lot older now. I'm not that good at counting, let's see, 2 from 10 is ... okay I'll be 8 years old in July! Did you know Mommy Jessica and I have the same birthdate? Yeah, weird, but in a nice way. They still love me, just like that first day. Mommy Robin still holds me close to her chest the way she did back then. We all cuddle in a puppy pile at night when we sleep. On a really good day the cats can join us too. Most of the time not though. They get their own time.

We go for walks and on vacations and, I'm so very happy. Even if they get mad at me, and I give em plenty of opportunities because, well I'm a rat terrier. Nuff said. They just don't stay mad. They take me to the vet too, but they don't cut off any body parts. Oh oh and they play ball with me! I love my squeaky balls! I've got a yellow one and a red one and a green one and a ball that is lots of colors too. I love to play with my two moms!

Anyway, I love my two mommies so much. I wanted to tell everyone that. I wish all doggies could be so lucky. For you human and doggie readers too, I want to wish you all a very happy Mother's Day.

Love and licks;


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