Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Unitarian General Assembly, Day 1

So the day finally arrived. I met Robin outside after work and she dropped me off at the convention center. I rushed inside, and immediately headed for the exhibit hall. I wanted to purchase a Standing on the Side of Love t-shirt. I got one, but of course after getting home found out it did not fit. Ah well, I'll try tomorrow. I know this, I plan to spend some time shopping in there.

Hardly however had I gotten there before it was time for ingathering. I walked up with Kate, as other First Universalist church members began to come together near the Prairie Star room. For readers that don't know, Prairie Star is the conference we are part of. What followed was a bit of a warmup session. Lots of clapping, cheering, getting ready for the main event.

Then it was time to head for the main hall for the first plenary session. So I have one thing to say. It is really such an awesome experience to be in a giant hall like that surrounded by thousands of similar-minded liberal religionists. There were introductions, the parade of banners, music from Ann Reed and Peter Mayer. Ann sang the song commissioned by my congregation for our 150th Anniversary. Then the Plenary, more singing and a generally festive time for all.

I know this. It is exactly what I needed. For someone who has been sick for so long, my strength is really being challenged. But the wonderfully positive energy is healing in it's own right. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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