Saturday, August 13, 2016

Transgender Lives Lost to Homicide 2016

Here we are, well into 2016 and once again on pace to be a new record year for the violence towards transgender lives. Here they are. Hold them in your heart. Say their names. Pray that this senseless killing comes to an end. Notice their race. Most are trans women of color. I'm so weary of the drip drip drip of trans lives, beautiful lives, cut short for what? Are our lives so threatening? I'll never understand this kind of hate though I've witnessed it in my own life.

Trans Deaths from Violence: 2016

Jasmine Sierra, Bakersfield, Ca, Latina trans woman. Dead in apt physical trauma, January 22 Misgendered by media so we did not find out until March

Monica Loera, Austin, Texas 43 year old Latina transwoman. Shooting January 22.

Kayden Clark , Mesa, Az 24 year old White Transman shot by police. He was having an autistic meltdown. Many upset that he was shot and killed when they called to prevent him from committing suicide.

Veronica Banks Cano, Black trans woman, San Antonio, Tx Found dead fully clothed February 19

Maya Young, Philadelphia, Pa, 25 year old black trans woman stabbed multiple times, February 20th (announced on the 23rd)

Kayderie/Candicee Johnson, Burlington,IA, a 16 year old black genderfluid child shot several times and left in an alley.

Demarkis Stansbury, Baton Rouge, 30 year old transman shot to death February 27th (misgendered in press)

Courtney Yochum 32 year old black transwomanMarch 24thLos Angeles, Domestic dispute

Shante’ Isaac (Thompson), Houston, Tx 34 year old blackTranswoman shot in head along with another person, male in Midtown April 10th

Keyona Blakeney, Montgomery County Md 22 year old black trans woman. Blunt force trauma April 11. Found dead in motel room.

Reece Walker Wichita Ks 32 year old local advocate, black trans woman stabbing May 1st

Mercedes Successful, Haines City, Fla 32 year old Black trans woman. Shooting Death

Amos Beede May22nd 38 year old Transman in Burlington, Vt. Blunt force trauma from 4 homeless attackers. Died days later.

Goddess Diamond, June 5th, New Orleans, La, Blunt Force Trauma, then burned in car.

Dee Whigham 25 year old trans woman, found dead from stabbing in motel room in St. Martin, Mississippi, nursing student, originally misgendered.

Sky Mockabee 26 year old black transwoman found murdered in Cleveland, result of online date gone horribly wrong.

Deeniqua Dodds 22 year old black transwoman shot in Washington DC July 4, 2016, died on July 14th.

Erykah Tijerina 36 year old Latina transwoman, homicide in El Paso, August 10, 2016 found in her apartment.

Rae’Lynn Thomas 28 year old black transwoman, killed by her mom’s ex who called her Satan in Columbus, Ohio

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