Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Muse Has Returned

So now after delays for illness, a new hobby, every excuse one can imagine, I am now writing again. Hence this blog, designed to stir the creative juices before working on any of my various projects.

Life these days seems a bit tricky. At 62, I've been experiencing bouts of illness on a very regular basis, It is extremely frustrating, but regular enough that I realize I need to work through such periods or my novel will never be completed. The deadline on that novel self imposed is the end of this year, at least on first draft. It's August so I need to get kicking.

Therefore this blog will be about all sorts of things. The idea is to write about life, about ideas, not unlike a journal, allowing some semblance of a regimen from which to stir the inner creative soul (which will be expressed through my novel and other creative pieces. So fasten your seatbelt. Here goes!


  1. I'm not sure this will get through. Won't let me subscribe. Don't know what kind of profile is meant. I'll try again.


  2. Okay, now they let me in. I'm so glad you're posting. A good way to stay connected. I was thinking about your busy retirement. It's just like the vacation I was supposed to take. More going on then I planned and it will be good to get back to work to slow down! I'm serious!

    BTW, how is your garden? Ours is really good this year. Used those black bags for potatoes and hanging basket planters for tomatoes. Other than that beans, ocra, corn, zucchini, and cucumbers are multiplying exponentially thanks to the rain we've had this year.

    I'll see if this works...or if the other was just a fluke!


  3. Pat the garden has been awesome. If I can, I'll snap some shots of it. Mostly zucchini and yellow squash, eggplant on the way, onions, basil and mint. Btw, are you on Facebook?