Friday, July 31, 2009

Isn't It Always Like This?

Okay, today is a great time for worn out trite sayings that nevertheless are old sayings because there is an element of truth to them. We all use them, admit it. Okay, so here is how my day has gone. I slept late this morning. That was a good thing, for yesterday was "depression day" when I trotted out every poor mouth memory I could locate in that cluttered space we call a brain. By midnight last night I was exhausted. Today though was a new day, one filled with hope and promise. So every project I begin with leads to another that needs to be done, and everything is running behind schedule. So I call my favorite Significant Other. Just kidding, my ONLY S.O. "Honey, how about tonight we fare for ourselves?" I am the chief cook and bottle washer and I was asking for a day where we could scrounge and I could get back on top of things.

"Sure sweetie, that sounds fine." Great, I've hatched a plan. I can catch up tonight and be right back on schedule.

The phone rings. "Sweetie I was thinking." Even before another word is spoken, I watch my best laid plans flying out the window.
"Why don't we go out this evening, not buy a meal, but get a small dessert somewhere?" Well not what I had in mind, but hey. I can manage. "As long as we are out, let's do something. A movie, play, anything."

Now we have been talking about how we spend too much time at home, and that we needed to go out more together. It's a great idea. But tonight? Why not tomorrow? "Why not tomorrow?" I venture.

"I really do want to do something tonight." I can hear how important it is to her in her voice.

"Tomorrow is not good enough?"

"Not really." Well I will be busy tomorrow, because of my writing class.

"Okay sweetie." My fate is sealed. We are going to go out, and have a great time. My other "stuff" will just have to wait. But who could avoid a moment of deja vu, knowing similar situations have punctuated my life journey. Anytime I start to feel like I've got a handle on things, there life is reminding me just how full of it I really am.

Oh, if my blog entry seems a bit short today? Well now you know why. I hope anyone reading this has a wonderful weekend!

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