Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

So most mornings I get up and immediately or soon do a blog entry. But this was not most mornings. To begin with, a lethargy had swept over me and simply getting out of bed was a task of its own. But out of bed I must, because of an assignment for our church history project, so bleary and somewhat numb, off to church we went.

So what does a person do when lethargy has already seen? Well of course go eat a huge plate of heart clogging chorizo con juevos at Sonny's where they specialize in southwestern diner cuisine. If I were simply dragging before, well that completed the job. By the time we got home, I could only knock out a couple of necessary tasks, then crash for a nap.

I simply hate days like this. Garbage taken out. Check. Dishes all washed? Robin while I slept baked some bread sticks and there was a bit of a mess. Okay, check. Now it is after 8 PM and the day is gone. Tomorrow is laundry day, but I still should be able to get some writing in then. For the rest of the evening though mostly mindless trivia, washing my mind clean of a wasted day.

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