Thursday, August 20, 2009


Most days my brain is firing constantly, awash in emotion, memories, ideas. As if to work overtime in case something might be missed. On some rare days though, I wake up and find only emptiness. Today is one of those days.

Now that may seem to be a bad thing, but I don't really think so. Oh it is firing sufficient to do my daily activities, and just a few minutes ago I played a video that left me smiling with tears in my eyes. But right now, for however long it lasts, there is a blessed emptiness, no long train of thoughts leading me forward. It is a time to rest.

For some religious, this kind of emptiness is sought out as a treasure. There are a host of exercises, meditation techniques to achieve this state. For me, this occasional morning or day will suffice. All night last night, I dreamed about strategies for my novel, and came up with some good exercises. I got up at least half a dozen times. This time my creative exercise occurred as I slept, and now the brain needs the rest it missed. Not to worry, I've made notes, so the ideas will not be lost.

So, in such a state of emptiness, there is not much to report on for today's blog. Perhaps it will be a day to seek happy moments, maybe take a nap, write a chapter. There are many gifts in life. I think emptiness is but one.

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  1. Blessed emptiness! I think you have hit on something here, Jessi.

    I think our minds move too fast much of the time. Sometimes we have to quiet down to listen. Since I moved to KY I haven't been able to get going on the many projects I planned before the move. Seems like I'm stuck on empty. But, it is good. I sit on the porch and let my mind wonder to wherever... I know that when the time is right, I will move.

    Thank you for your blog!