Friday, August 21, 2009

Peace in my Day

I'm always addressing peace in the abstract. Some days it is more a matter of bringing peace to my own tiny sphere. That's not always easy, because my health has been atrocious and even my aches have aches. Nevertheless it can be done.

Today I began with a quiet meditation, emptying my mind and just be-ing. That seemed to be a good start. There were chores to be done, but I did not tackle them right away. Instead I journeyed through my various online communities,wrote emails, all in a rather leisurely manner.

One thing that has worried me a lot is my weight. I've begun many diets, most lasting only a few days. Besides the weight, my feet are swelling up, and lately I have been plagued with persistent chapped lips. So after my morning wakeup tab, I replaced my drink of choice with old fashioned water. My suspicion is that the water may help both the lips and the swelling, because colas have tons of sodium in them. I also decided to begin eating small portions of healthy food. If I am doing something, anything, then there is a peace that comes with that.

I took Lucy for a walk today. Mostly I've just been taking her out back, throwing the ball for exercise. Goodness I put on that leash and she was so excited. We could not get out the door fast enough. The rain today did not materialize, so aside from a persistent breeze, the weather was quite lovely. The walk was nice, but unfortunately not pain free. Sciatic pains plagued the entire journey up my left leg. Undaunted, we walked and it was worth it all just watching a very thrilled dog go through her paces.

A degree of peace has come by just cutting back how much I have the talking heads of the news turned on in the house. I tried that for a few minutes, then switched to some light classical music. Television no longer is a good source of news anyway. Though she does not run from her liberal bias, some of the best and fairest commentary today is coming from Rachel Maddow. Her stories are well researched and she presents them in a fair way. She does not simply accept the word of the spin doctors, but actually challenges them, always with facts on her side.

So sitting here listening to Mozart, sipping on my glass of water, I feel real contentment. I must have done something right. I have found peace in this day. Perhaps I will try to repeat the experience tomorrow, and maybe even walk a but further.


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